A Little More About Us

This is not your Ordinary Bakery

Looking for a jaw-dropping culinary creation for your next event that’s sure to wow the crowd? Look no further than Caked by Petite! Since its inception in March 2016, Caked by Petite has taken the Atlanta sweets scene by storm with its explosive popularity, expansive cake clientele, and excellent customer service. From large weddings to intimate gatherings, our team provides lavish gourmet cakes and cupcakes for the sweetest finishing touch of your dreams. Our luxury cakes are uniquely crafted to order to provide a distinct and individualized experience. We believe that our clients deserve only the best and ensure that our custom creations are worth every penny. We don’t skimp on appearance, quality, or flavor so that you will be able to instantly spot one of our cakes in any setting. Our custom cakes speak for themselves, and we are proud to have the world listening (and licking their fingers, too).

This is not your Ordinary Buttercream

Caked by Petite specializes in an impressive array of distinct custom cakes where our buttercream recipe is our not-so-secret weapon. Handcrafted with the finest all-natural ingredients, our one-of-a-kind luxe buttercream is sure to elevate your cake experience like no other and leave your tastebuds begging for more. Our top-notch buttercream coupled with our superior decorating techniques gives you the crisp and clean finish of fondant with all of the flavors of buttercream. Be sure to check out pictures of our custom cakes to check out how we push all of the boundaries of buttercream!

This is not your Ordinary Baker

We can guarantee you’ve never met a baker like her! From sweet tooth to Southern sweets sensation, CEO and Head Baker, Ashley “Petite” Patrick, is one of Atlanta’s most highly sought-after cake artists. She discovered her love for baking at the age of 10, and she has mastered baking with the love of her grandmothers and a chic southern flair all her own. After several years of working in the entertainment industry, she stumbled into another talent of baking, and her business has taken the cake (literally!). Ashley has baked over 4,000 wedding, birthday, and special occasion custom cakes. Her work has been highlighted by Atlanta Luxury Weddings, MunaLuchi Bride, and several television shows airing on VH1, WETV, and BET. Her work has been praised nationally with international notoriety on the rise. Ashley is a native of Mississippi and relocated to Atlanta Georgia in 2011.  When she’s not creating cake masterpieces, she is fully immersed in caring for her most perfect creations, her children.