“Wanting to take your cakes from “meh” to ‘masterpiece?” We’ve got just the class for you! At Caked By Petite, our team believes that the key to an unforgettable custom cake is ALL in the technique! Invest in a hands-on course with Ashley of Caked By Petite to learn some of the best and efficient decorating techniques in the business. Which Utensils and tools to use, key products to use, vendors, and your very own kit are all included with classes to help get you started as soon as you step into class! Whether small-group or 1 on 1, we have just the course to suit your learning needs!

Buttercream Basics: For Beginners with Buttercream
Need a crash course on all things buttercream? Never made or worked with buttercream? This course is FOR YOU! Ready to learn to make your own buttercream crumb, how to dye and tint it, how to decorate with it, design it, etc.? You will learn all of this, take home a gorgeous 1 tier cake and so much more with this course.
Sharp By Design: For Intermediate skills with Buttercream
You know how to make buttercream, and you’re pretty good at it but your edges aren’t sharp, your cakes may tilt or lean, you may not know the best techniques with texture, and again your edges aren’t sharp…and you could use help with a tiered cake….this is FOR YOU! Get ready to take home a gorgeous tiered cake after this course.
Buttercream Master Class: For Advance skills with Buttercream
This class is for the pros who want to sharpen their skills, and learn our exclusive techniques, trends, how to stack up to 3 tiers, how to work with larger cakes, tall cakes, and how to transport them safely. You already have great cakes, but you need to know how to take them to the next level and beyond…..and how to make sure they arrive and stay intact, this is for you! Take it, you won’t regret it!

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